mercredi 10 juin 2009


Impressions Paddle-SLUT
High-quality, tanned leather slappers have stitched handle and separate at the top. Called slappers because of the great sounds they make on your partner's backside, these paddles will certainly help you leave a mark.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug
The perfect accessory for your little rabbit. Have your submissive playing the part to a tee with this furry little bunny tail butt plug.

Clone-A-Willy Chocolate Kit
Create a chocolate copy of you or your lovers cock! The create a willy chocolate cock kit comes with everything you need to make a milk chocolate copy of your cock.

Anal Ring Toss
The anal ring toss is a must for your next X-rated party or fun night at home. The game goes as followed. One player gets down on all four with the butt plug anal ring toss stick sticking out of their ass, while the other player or players toss yellow rings, trying to get the ring around the stick. Officially the winner is whoever tosses the most rings around the anal stick, but everyone has fun when playing the anal ring toss game.

ID Juicy 5pk Lube Sampler
What flavor do you want to make your partner tonight? The ID Juicy Lube sampler consists of five 12g tubes of Juicy Lube, which is designed to be massaged and enjoyed off your partner's body. There are 5 flavors to choose from (think of it as one for each day of the work week). Enjoy turning your partner into a delicious treat whether it's on the small of the back or the head of the cock.

Candy CockPop
Imagine the nice day you'll have when you're enjoying this Candy Cock Lollipop. You'll enjoy gazing at the swirls of colors as they collect around to form a penis and balls. You'll take pleasure in it more when it's inside of your mouth, as you lick it around and indulge in the sweetness of its delicious flavor. Don't hesitate to give in to your sweet tooth and pick up a Candy Cockpop.